About BongoSquare

(i) What is BongoSquare and how does it work?

BongoSquare is your App for accessing your local stores, posting reviews, discovering local offers and also a platformfor your neighborhood stores for communicating their store happenings to their neighborhood. Access your Bazaar on the Go with BongoSquare App. You can also place orders from your local stores. You can opt for pickup or home delivery based on what your local stores offers. You can view the status of your order under the App Menu "Recent Orders".

You can also mark your favorite stores and quickly access them in the App by clicking on Favorites.

Please note the time slot availability is subject to store operating hours, public holidays, delivery capacity constraints and local laws.

(ii) Is BongoSquare available only on Android?

BongoSquare App can be downloaded from Google Play Store and is currently available on the Android Platform (Android version 5.1 and above).BonGoSquare can also be accessed from the website www.bongosquare.com

(iii) BongoSquare Presence

We are currently onboarding the stores in Chennai.

(iv) Delivery Areas

Choose your neighborhood and browses stores that offer for delivery to your address. Have a look at the store’s About Page to see more details on Open Hours, Delivery and PickUphours and Delivery Areas.

(v) Payment Methods

We currently support only Cash on Delivery/Online Payment. Cash on Delivery is a payment method available for orders placed through the BongoSquare App. It lets you place orders without the need for an advance payment. We currently support Cash on Delivery as our mode of payment for all stores listed on BongoSquare. You need to pay directly to the merchant for the purchase of the product, BongoSquare will not collect the Cash on behalf of any parties (either you or the merchant). It is a direct and transparent transaction between you and the merchant. You may choose to pay online if the merchant has enabled it for their store

(vi) Delivery Schedules

All delivery schedules are managed by the store directly. BongoSquare is just a platform that allows the store to configure the schedule based on their ability to service the customer. If you have any questions on the delivery schedule please reach the store directly by placing a call to the merchant

Manage Your Account

(i) How to Change your Account Settings?

You can edit your account information through the My Account in theApp Menu. It is important to register your phone number with BongoSquare in order to place orders or make purchases. Your account is tied to your phone number.

(ii) Is there a password?

We have a two way authentication, an OTP (one time password) that is sent to your mobile phone when you register or whenever you place order with COD or when you provide a new mobile phone number along with a password set by you.


(i) Pricing

Prices mentioned on BongoSquare are subject to change. The seller/merchant maintains the prices of their products, for unforeseen reason if the latest prices are not reflected, the merchant might cancel the request/absorb the additional charges or notify you of the difference amount to be paid, you may choose to pay the difference or cancel the request.

Product Availability

Products are subject to availability; you may choose to accept/reject the substitute provided by the store.


(i) Order Details

You can view your order details on the App through the Recent Orders section in the Menu.

To view your order details :

1. Tap Recent Orders in the app menu

2. Tap on the Order for which you need the details

3. Now you will be able to see the items placed for order, tap Details on the Bottom Left to view the more details about the order. Tap Options, to save the order, to Re-order.

4. The bottom right corner of the page will show the status of the Order, Tap on it to track the status.

(ii) Search

1. When you are in a neighborhood, Tap the search icon to search for your favorite local stores

2. You can also just browse around the stores listed, to change the category of the store, tap More to change the category.

3. When inside a store, Tap on the search icon to search for products

(iii) Shopping Cart

1. If you exit from the store with items in your shopping cart, when you get back into the store you will be taken directly to the cart so that you can complete your order

Placing an item in your shopping cart does not reserve that item.

Available inventory is only assigned to your order after you click PLACE ORDER after providing an SMS PIN if Payment is COD for verification after choosing payment option.